Barbara Bush Saturday shared the secrets of a dog's life in the White House with Czech President Vaclav Havel's wife Olga and schoolchildren.

In a quick tour of Prague during President Bush's one-day visit to Czechoslovakia, Mrs. Bush and Olga Havlova visited pupils at an English-language school.Mrs. Bush read excerpts from a book written in the name of her dog, Millie, to the schoolchildren.

"Look at that," Mrs. Bush said, displaying pictures of the president sprawling on a White house lawn with spaniel puppies.

"Can you imagine a president of the United States being that serious?"

Mrs. Bush told the class of wide-eyed 11-year-olds her dog is allowed to roam the White House and regularly attends meetings of the National Security Council.

"So Millie knows more about the Persian Gulf and Czechoslovakia than I do," she said.

Bush, the first U.S. leader to visit Czechoslovakia, arrived in Prague Saturday morning to celebrate the first anniversary of Czechoslovakia's return to political freedom after four decades of communist rule.

As Bush and Havel met in Prague's lavish Hradcany Castle, their wives visited mentally handicapped children in a gray, windswept suburb.