Chicago Bear fans used to love their punky QB, but time is apparently taking its toll on the relationship with Jim McMahon.

Plans for a second annual Chicago Jim McMahon Fan Club trip to see Mighty Mac retrieve kicking tees in Philadelphia have melted. The fan club went to see him play in San Diego last year, but not only is McMahon not playing, (he got into his first game Monday night against Washington) as Randall Cunningham's backup, but the Bears don't play at Philadelphia this season, so interest dropped off, according to the Chicago Tribune.McMahon, though, still has one of those toll-heavy 900 phone numbers that cost $2 a minute. In one of his recent messages, the Tribune says, he talks about Washington's Dexter Manley trying to get reinstated from a lifetime ban from the NFL for drug abuse. McMahon says on the subject, "The more chances you keep giving people, the more people will break the rules."Glenn Kozlowski, McMahon's former teammate with both the Bears and Brigham Young University, was the only Bear present at the wedding of teammate James "Robocop" Thornton, which took place during Chicago's bye week.

Kozlowski admitted the wedding moved him to Robotears.

"I've never seen anything like that," Kozlowski told the Chicago Tribune. "Just before they said their vows, Vicki looked up at Jim and mouthed the words, `I love you.' Then Jim looked at her and said, `I love you.' "Cornerback Darryl Pollard, formerly of Weber State, led the San Francisco 49ers in special-teams tackles going into Sunday's game. He had six on special teams, all solo. Pollard is second in overall tackles for the defending champions, who are just a win away from tying the NFL record for consecutive victories (they have 17). Pollard, with two tackles Sunday, has 41 for the season, 39 solos and two assists. Bill Romanowski leads the club with 44 tackles. Pollard also has one of the 49ers' eight interceptions, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.Top local tacklers for Sunday included Utah's Manny Hendrix, who had six solos and an assist for Dallas against the 49ers in a 24-6 loss, and Utah State's Greg Kragen, who had five solos for Denver in the Broncos' 19-7 loss to San Diego.

In that game, Utah H-back Craig McEwen had one of his better days with three pass receptions good for 41 yards for the Chargers.

Backup quarterbacks don't often strike fear into the hearts of opposing coaches, but Minnesota's Jerry Burns got the jitters when ex-Utah Stater Bob Gagliano came onto the field for the Detroit Lions Sunday, replacing first-time starter Andre Ware after an interception.

"When he came out there," said Burns of Gagliano, who started the second half, "I was shaking."

Gagliano threw for three touchdowns Oct. 7 when the Lions beat the Vikings 34-27.

Gagliano, though, couldn't pull off another win. He threw toward Barry Sanders, but ex-Rainbow Warrior Al Noga picked the pass off and ran for a touchdown. "The play of the game, no question," said Burns. Minnesota won 17-7.