Toys depicting the pizza-loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, crime-fighter Batman's wheels and chronic underachiever Bart Simpson were blasted by a consumer advocate Thursday as among the 10 "worst toys" of the year.

Just in time for Christmas, attorney Edward Swartz unveiled his 19th "worst toy" list, once again rife with playthings that shoot, ensnare and generally pose a potential danger to tykes.Among this year's offenders was a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower" which rapid-fires "pizza missiles" from a muzzle that rotates 180 degrees and tilts up or down.

Recommended for children at least 4 years old, its manufacturer warns: "Never look directly into Pizza Oven Launcher (front of vehicle) when unit is on. Do not point or shoot pizza discs at people or animals."

Also making the list was a "Batmobile" tie-in from the hit movie that comes equipped with a concealed "rocket launcher" and is replete with stiff fins on the rear, which Swartz said could easily injure a child if he fell on it.

Bart Simpson, the animated bad boy whose credo - "Chronic Underachiever and Proud of It" - has prompted several schools to ban clothing bearing his likeness, also came under attack.

A lightweight doll suspended from strings, the Bart Simpson toy is depicted on the box suspended from a variety of perches, including the handlebars of a bicycle where Swartz said it could easily become tangled.

"Bart Simpson is hardly a good role model for safe play," Swartz said.

"Crazy Hammer," which makes the sound of glass breaking on impact, and "Crazy Axe," which emits a human screaming sound, have the potential of causing brain injuries, Swartz said, since they are presented as being soft and are not.

The list actually contained 11 toys this year due to a tie which brought in the "Motorized Attack Force Weapon Set," so realistic, Swartz said, that they have been used in holdups.