Angry fans turned in their "Milli Vanilli" recordings Friday and radio stations vowed to pull the pop duo off the air after their producer revealed hunky Fab and Rob didn't sing their own way to fame.

"I think they're dirty scumbuckets," said 9-year-old Katie Dickman of Richmond, Ind. "I used to like them, but not now."Radio station WLOL-FM in Minneapolis declared itself "Milli Van-illi Free," saying it will no longer play the duo's hit 1988 debut album, "Girl You Know It's True," which earned them a Grammy for best new group.

The station offered listeners an exchange of their Milli Vanilli recordings for a CD or cassette of their choice. About 150 people took up the station on the offer, said program director Greg Strassell.

"People are mad," said disc jockey Paul J. Roberts of WQQK-FM in Nashville, Tenn. "Listeners are saying they feel like fools. Some say they feel they should burn their compact discs and tapes. They feel duped."

Milli Vanilli's German producer, Frank Farian, revealed to reporters this week that dreadlocked pretty boys Fab and Rob - Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan - didn't sing on the album.

Farian also said the two did nothing more than look good and lip sync for videos and live appearances while others did all the singing.

In a statement Thursday, Pilatus and Morvan said they "have been ready, willing and able to record our own vocals and have been prevented by Frank Farian from doing so."

The duo's record company, Arista Records, said it didn't know the pair were fronts for other vocalists but was not embarrassed by the revelation.