Popcorn, that tasty treat that has been a food favorite of young and old for many years, is now a stamp favorite.

A new 16.7-cent Popcorn Wagon stamp - this year's third Transportation Series adhesive - has been issued by the U.S. Postal Service. The precanceled stamp represents the basic mail rate and, according to the USPS, more than 500 million such stamps are purchased annually.Inventor Charles C. Cretors is considered the founder of the popcorn industry. In 1885, using a steam engine that also roasted peanuts, he cooked his popcorn in a heated mixture of butter, lard and salt.

Passers-by at Cretors' confection shop stopped to look at the newfangled contraption and to watch the toy "Rosty Tosty" man dance around while the peanuts and popcorns cooked. After refining his steam-powered popper in various stationary models, Cretor designed his Number 1 wagon, and literally took popcorn to the streets of America.

Featured is a profile of the Cretors Number 1 wagon, Model 1902. A glass case at the right encloses Cretors' now-familiar popcorn pan, suspended above a mound of freshly popped popcorn. Under the canopy, the "Rosty Tosty" clown dances above the cylindrical peanut roaster.

The words "Popcorn Wagon" are centered at the top above the "16.7 USA" and "1902." The precanceling endorsement, "Bulk Rate," is seen vertically along the left side.

First-day cancellations are available. The stamp may not be available at all post offices, but it will be sold at all philatelic centers. If you prefer to affix your own stamp to your own envelope, you must place at least 8.3 cents additional postage to meet the first-class letter rate. Send to: Customer-Affixed Envelopes, Popcorn Wagon Stamp, Postmaster, Chicago, IL 60607-9991. No remittance is required.

A new, colorful 15-cent postal card is being released to honor the settling of Ohio and the founding of government in the Northwest Territory.

Depicted on the design is a flatboat floating on the waters of the Ohio River. Aboard the flatboat are livestock, luggage, crates and a Conestoga wagon. The crowded boat is carrying a New England family past Fort Harmar toward a new territorial home. The settlement at Marietta, Ohio, and the mouth of the Muskingum River can be seen in the background.

At the lower left of the postal card is a drawing of the eastern United States and the Northwest Territory as it existed 200 years ago.

When Congress passed the Ordinance of 1787, it created the Northwest Territory and opened the doors to America's western frontier. On July 15, 1788, the First Congregational Church in Marietta was established as the first capital of the Northwest Territory.

As settlers began coming to the region in greater numbers, they became the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Some land east of the Mississippi River became part of Minnesota.

Here's how you get your first-day cancellations:

You may purchase the cards and send to: Customer-Provided Stationery, Postmaster, Marietta, OH 45750-9991. No remittance is required. It must be postmarked by Aug. 14. If you prefer to have the USPS supply the card, then enclose a money order or personal check for 15 cents per card and send to: Northwest Territory Postal Card, Postmaster, Marietta, OH 45750-9992. The deadline also is Aug. 14.

The East African republic of Kenya has issued a set of stamps that highlights six of the many game lodges that attract tens of thousands of foreigners - mainly Americans - to see fabulous wildlife of the country. Each stamp shows a different lodge with wildlife species in the background.

The 1-shilling stamp depicts the Samburu Lodge, which offers visitors a rare chance to view crocodiles wading onshore. The 3-shillings features Naro Moru River Lodge with mountains in the background.

The 4-shillings shows the Mara Serena Lodge, a circular group of guesthouses, with a mother zebra and her baby near the lodge. The 5-shillings illustrates Voi Safari Lodge with African water buffalo nearby.

The 7-shillings pictures the Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge, a short distance from the majestic base of Mount Kilimanjaro. Inside the cluster of lodges are a male and female giraffe. The 10-shillings features a pair of adult rhinoceros outside the Meru Mulika Lodge.

The stamp set is available at your local dealer.