Utah's ski industry has been getting plenty of national publicity recently in ski magazines, according to Rick Davis, president of the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Because the bureau doesn't have the money to buy expensive advertising in ski publications, it works with travel writers who usually come to the area, do some skiing, sample the food in restaurants and clubs and write about the experience.Davis said Skiing Magazine published an article titled "Skiing Salt Lake," this month's issue of Ski Magazine had an article titled "Salt Lake Smorgasbord" and information submitted to Better Homes and Gardens resulted in a article about Salt Lake ski vacations.

During the ski season, about 80,000 people visit the bureau's visitor centers in downtown Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake International Airport. The centers distribute information about the nine ski resorts within one hour's drive of the city and sell "Ski Salt Lake" posters, apparel and other merchandise.

Davis said the "Ski Salt Lake" campaign was started in 1987 and since then Salt Lake County transient room taxes have been stronger in the winter than in any other period.

The ski season this year should show continued growth, due in part to Salt Lake City's selection as the United States' choice to host the 1998 Winter Olympics, Davis said.