"The cardinal rule of time management is to write it down," says Philip Miller, executive vice president of Howard Miller Clock Co., the largest producer of grandfather clocks in the world.

"Whether you use computers, index cards, Post-Its, bulletin board notes or refrigerator magnets to hold lists, the act of inscribing something affirms its importance.""Rule No. 2 is to go all-out with modern conveniences," he said, especially good lighting, comfortable chairs, adequate storage, home office machines like faxes and copiers, etc. Many people swear by industrial-strength clothes steamers that drop wrinkles out of garments in seconds, and industrial stoves and refrigerators.

- TURN COMMON SCENTS into a sachet. Save perfume advertisements that come with monthly statements or magazines and stash them in your lingerie drawer.

- LITTLE ONES SLOWING YOU DOWN? Hand them a hobby box. Label and fill shoes boxes with such supplies as:

- Rock people: Box might contain smooth and odd-shaped rocks, paints, brushes and glue.

- Play jewelry: Box can include colored macaroni, old jewelry, cut-up drinking straws and string.

- Picture letters: Box might include old magazines, paper, scissors and glue to illustrate a letter or story.

- Brown-paper sack puppets: Box might contain brown lunch-size paper bags, yarn, string, scraps of felt and markers.