Gov. Norm Bangerter should get a 4 percent, $2,900 pay raise next year, the commission on executive and judicial salaries says.

Bangerter got a pay raise from $70,000 to $72,800 just last year. The commission thinks Bangerter's pay should go to $75,700 a year and his current entertainment allotment of $5,800 a year should be increased to $25,000 a year.The Legislature will decide what kind of raises state executives and judges get during its January general session.

The commission also suggests Lt. Gov. Val Oveson's pay go from $54,600 a year to $56,800 a year, a 4 percent increase.

Attorney General Paul Van Dam's pay should go from $58,300 to $65,000 a year, an 11.5 percent increase.

State Auditor Tom Allen's yearly salary should go from $55,200 to $57,400, a 4 percent increase.

And State Treasurer Ed Alter's salary also should go from $55,200 to $57,400.

For some time the commission has complained about judges' salaries, and once again recommends a large increase, ranging from 13.1 percent to 14.4 percent.

The salary of the chief justice of the Utah Supreme Court should go from $78,700 to $89,000; associate Supreme Court justices' pay should go from $77,700 to $88,000; Appeals Court justices should go from $73,950 to $84,000; district court judges should go from $70,200 to $80,000; juvenile court judges should go from $70,200 to $80,000 and circuit court judges should go from $66,450 to $76,000, the commission says.