I am a young inventor with an idea that could ease some of the problems created by the cars of today.

My idea is a car that gets an estimated 80 miles per gallon, seats one person, is small like a motorcycle, safe, convenient and as comfortable as a car. This car is easy to maintain and dependable.I need information on how to protect my idea while at the same time submit it to a worthy company. - D.H., Salt Lake City.

The Intermountain Society of Inventors and Designers meets the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Salt Lake County complex at 21st South State St.

People in this interesting group are faced with the same dilemma you are. There is a guest speaker every month and the topic often concerns the questions you raise. There is a membership fee, but you could find out the details at the meeting.

Or, you might want to contact an attorney that specializes in patents, They are listed in the Yellow Pages.