A friend of mine was working with a film festival in her city in Japan and somehow she lost three movie posters. She called me saying the posters are unavailable in Japan and she wondered if I could locate some here so she could replace them.

The posters she needs are "Romeo and Juliette," "The Great Gatsby," and "The Whales of August."I have checked with video and poster stores but have had no luck. If you could give me some leads I would be very grateful. I would love to help my friend out of this jam. - J.C., Grantsville.

Deseret News movie critic Christopher Hicks referred us to the magazine "American Film," which in its classified ads lists a number of movie collectibles stores across the country. We called several and found what your friend needs in San Francisco.

A shop called Memory Shop West, 513 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110, (415) 626-4873, has a "Romeo and Juliette" poster. We assume you're after the Franco Zeffirelli film that came out in the mid-60s. That poster sells for $30. The shop has an original poster for "The Great Gatsby" that sells for $60. It also has a poster for "The Whales of August," which sells for $30.

Add a $5 postage and handling fee.