Single men and women who light up a cigarette will have a hard time lighting up their lives with romance, an updated survey has found.

Three years after its survey found smoking the No. 1 obstacle to matchmaking, a local dating service's new poll of members finds that attitude intensifying."I know people are much less tolerant," LunchDates founder Steve Penner said this week. "More and more people are saying `Definitely, definitely not a smoker.' More and more people are saying, `Have them quit first and then I'll date them.' "

The informal survey of 650 members of LunchDates, which matches up its members for lunch, drinks or dinner, found 89 percent either prefer a non-smoker or are adamant in their refusal to date a smoker.

A similar poll conducted in 1987 found 78 percent of 600 members surveyed had the same attitude.

In the past few years, smokers have surpassed overweight women and short men as the most undesirable dates, Penner said.

"The first question we ask is `Do you smoke?' We warn people who do smoke that while they can still join, the number of people who will go out with them is so small," he said.