General Motors Corp.'s Saturn subsidiary is planning to produce 10 models by 1994 and possibly expand its current one-plant operation, a trade journal reports.

Saturn Corp. sent three models of cars - single- and twin-cam sedans and a sporty coupe model - to showrooms Oct. 12.The Automotive News reported this week that the company would add a luxury sedan and coupe, a coupe convertible, two station wagons and two two-door hatchbacks.

At least two of those vehicles would be added in each of the next three model years, the publication said.

Saturn spokesman Mark Tanner refused to comment on the report.

"We don't talk about future plans," he said.

A Saturn dealership official told The Automotive News that Saturn has tentative plans for a small pickup and a second plant or plant expansion.

The dealership official, who requested anonymity, told the publication Saturn officials "said they wanted to give us a minivan and a small pickup, but they said they couldn't do that before 1996 because they'd need to build another plant."

He also said a minivan is on the drawing board.