Utah's school enrollment prognosticators were off by 3,000 students for the current school year.

Despite an expected leveling of the increase in school enrollments, growth of 2.06 percent was reported when Oct. 1 enrollment was reported. Utah schools welcomed 444,732 students this fall - 3,032 more than the official estimate of 5,000 new students.Data compiled from all 40 districts show 30 districts registering increases ranging from 3 to 1,755 students, said Jay M. Jeffery, director of finance in the State Office of Education.

Granite, the largest district, had the greatest number of new students at 1,755, but Park City had the largest percentage increase at 14-plus percent, the report showed.

Kindergarten was the only grade to show a net decrease, with 2.43 percent fewer students than in the 1989-90 school year. Grades 1-6 increased by 1,986 students; grades 7-12 by 7,415 students and special education self-contained by 392 students. In grades 10-12, the increase was almost 5 percent.

The five largest districts remained Granite with 78,554; Jordan, 64,964; Davis, 54558; Alpine, 38,853; and Weber, 25,859.

The state has had continual growth in student numbers since 1981.