Ephraim "Eph" Twitchell, director of the Senior Citizens Center, has been named the Arthur V. Watkins Outstanding Citizen of 1990 by the selection committee of the Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce.

When Twitchell moved from Delta and married Orem native Fern Park, much of the community was farmland. Like many other Orem residents at the time, he worked as a farmer.That was nearly 60 years ago. After short-lived careers in farming and driving a truck, Twitchell began a lifelong career doing what he loves most - cultivating friends and helping the community prosper.

Twitchell worked as a city employee for more than 25 years, spending several years as a member of the Orem City Council.

He was the charter president of two service organizations, including the Orem Boosters and the Orem City Employees Credit Union. Twitchell has also been president of the Orem Lions Club and district governor of Lions International.

Twitchell says he retired more than a decade ago, but his wife will tell you differently. "He retired," she said, "but then he started right in working as the director of the Orem Senior Citizens Center. He just couldn't stand to be idle. If he can find something to do, he will probably do it. He really enjoys being with people and doing things to help them."

Eight other Orem residents and one local business have been chosen for their outstanding contributions to the community as Watkins Award winners. They are Julie Wilde, athlete of the year; Becky Jackman, outstanding student; Joyce Clark, outstanding businesswoman; Joe Nelson, outstanding businessman; Robin Cardon, outstanding educator; Max Weaver, outstanding contribution to the cultural arts; Paulina Jolley, outstanding community service; and Judy Bell, outstanding chamber service,

Geneva Steel, which employs more than 2,600 Utah County residents, will be honored as the Business of the Year.