A bill that would create a legislative task force to study trust land issues in Utah was passed unanimously Wednesday by the Interim Education Committee.

The bill will be entered into the 1991 legislative process with the endorsement of the committee. It calls for a 10-member committee of three Senate members and seven House members, with a majority in each instance from the predominant political party.If approved by the Legislature, the task force will work toward "a uniform policy regarding the use, management and disposition of school trust lands throughout the state."

The task force would be required to report to the Education Interim Committee prior to Dec. 31, 1991.

The bill includes a $25,000 appropriation to fund task force activities and allow members to visit sites they believe are central to their discussion of trust lands.

Some committee members had reservations about creating another task force to study matters raised by the Legislature. The increasing use of ongoing committees is tantamount to a full-time Legislature, they said.

However, they bowed to the general feeling that the trust land issue demands more study.

"We need to get on with something like this," said Sen. Dixie Leavitt, R-Cedar City. The vote was unanimous.