Minimum flow releases are in effect at Deer Creek Dam again this year to maintain the blue ribbon fishery on the Provo River from Deer Creek Dam to the Olmsted Diversion Dam.

Flows are being maintained at 100 cubic feet per second (cfs) in accordance with a memorandum of understanding adopted in September 1989.Water to sustain the fishery flow is largely utilized for domestic use by Orem City, Salt Lake County Water Conservancy District and Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake City with residual water flowing on to Utah Lake.

Flows below Olmsted Diversion Dam are maintained at or above 25 cfs to maintain a minimum fishery in the lower Provo River. Fishery releases are maintained by leasing rights to storage in Deer Creek Reservoir and by storing summertime direct flow rights.

This year, about 11,000 acre-feet are in reserve in Deer Creek to ensure minimum flows during the no-irrigation season when flows normally drop below the prescribed minimum level.

As of Nov. 1, the reservoir contained nearly 88,000 acre-feet of water compared with about 81,000 acre-feet in 1989 and about 70,000 acre-feet on Nov. 1, 1988. With this year's carryover storage, a full reservoir of 152,000 acre-feet will likely be reached during the snowmelt runoff next spring to provide needed storage water for use next summer.