A West Valley man who wore a fire department shirt while selling medical identification cards was sentenced Tuesday for impersonating a peace officer and selling without a business license.

Edgar M. Brandenberg, 4150 S. 4080 West, was given two 180-day suspended jail sentences, fined $1,250 and placed on probation for one year for the two misdemeanor charges by 3rd Circuit Court Judge Tyrone E. Medley.Brandenberg had been selling drivers license-sized medical alert cards, containing personal medical information on microfiche, that West Valley fire officials said were virtually useless because area emergency personnel do not have the equipment needed to magnify and read the information.

West Valley Fire Marshall John Blundell has said the card would be useful if emergency personnel were equipped with the microfiche readers. "It's a good program, but until someone provides all the medical services microfiche readers, these cards are worthless," Blundell said at a press conference in October.

Brandenberg was charged with impersonating a peace officer because he wore a Salt Lake City Fire Department shirt when he worked.

Publicity about the product Brandenberg sold, for Med-Alert Inc., has adversely affected the sales of a similar product marketed by LensCard Systems, according to that company. The LensCard product comes with its own magnification lens and therefore needs no microfiche reader to be used by doctors or paramedics.

The Medi-Card ID, another wallet-size card that contains important medical information on microfilm, can also be read without magnification by simply holding it up to the light.

All three products differ from Medic Alert, best known for its bracelets that list a few medical details about the person who wears it and provides a toll-free number for more information.