A 13-year-old boy stranded on Mount Olympus made a slow descent down the mountain Sunday evening with the aid of more than a dozen climbers as 50 anxious relatives and friends waited.

Randy Livingston, 3769 E. Parkview Dr., went hiking Sunday afternoon with his 16-year-old brother, Chris, but got in a rough spot, said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. Joe Patience."His brother slid down the rock but he wouldn't," said Patience. "About three-quarters of the way to the top of the mountain, they got in the rocks and got stranded.

"He's just scared and doesn't want to get off the rocks," he said.

Five deputies and 20 volunteer searchers spent a blustery sunset planning to get the boy down from a narrow passage in steep, rocky terrain.

The hiking expedition is "a brand new experience for him," said the 16-year-old, who sat in a sheriff's vehicle with his father, Craig, as the helicopter from LDS Hospital ferried three teams of climbers up the mountain.