An Oregon State University administrator has escaped from Kuwait after hiding for more than three months from Iraqis who invaded the country, his wife said Wednesday.

Ernest Briskey, 59, escaped from Kuwait earlier this week and made his way to Jordan, according to a statement from Oregon State. Marge Briskey said her husband called from Jordan Tuesday, but she did not know when he had left Kuwait. She said he planned to fly home Friday.Briskey, assistant vice president for international program development at Oregon State, was working as a senior adviser to the Kuwaiti Institute of Scientific Research when Iraq invaded the country Aug. 2.

He immediately went into hiding but was able to contact his family by sending cables through the American Embassy, which has remained open despite an Iraqi order that it close.

Marge Briskey said her husband moved "four or five times" during the last three months, but she knew nothing else about his situation. She said his cables sent through the embassy contained no details.

"Because the lines were tapped, everyone lived in fear of being found," she said. "Every message was very brief and very general."

Briskey said her husband called her from Jordan Tuesday to say he had escaped. She said his first concern was their daughter's planned wedding in Hawaii Nov. 24.

"The first thing he wanted to eat was a fresh orange," she said. "I gather it was canned food and rice" while he was in hiding.