The jury that found a woman guilty of murdering a former boyfriend by spoon-feeding him food laced with arsenic was told to return to court Thursday to decide whether she should get the death penalty.

Blanche Taylor Moore, 57, was convicted Wednesday in the death of Raymond Reid in 1986.Moore also is charged with murder in the poisoning of her first husband in 1973 and with assault for allegedly poisoning her current husband after their honeymoon last year. No trial dates have been set in those cases.

The jury was to consider whether Mrs. Moore should get life in prison or death, which is carried out by injection or gas in North Carolina.

If she receives the death sentence, Moore would follow to death row another woman convicted of fatally poisoning a boyfriend with arsenic. Velma Barfield was put to death in 1984, the last woman executed in the state.

The jury convicted Moore after six hours of deliberations.

Prosecutors said Moore killed Reid to gain part of his estate, feeding him spiked, home-cooked food while he lay dying from arsenic poisoning in the hospital.