Gainesville murder suspect Edward Lewis Humphrey was sentenced Thursday to the maximum 22 months for beating his grandmother after his lawyer said no private psychiatric hospital could be found for him.

Humphrey, 19, nodded when his 79-year-old grandmother blew him as kiss as he entered the courtroom but was generally oblivious to the proceedings.Humphrey, a sometime University of Florida student with a history of mental problems, has been labeled a suspect in the slayings of five students near the campus in Gainesville during the last week in August. But he has not been charged in those cases.

Humphrey has been jailed on $1 million bond since the beating Aug. 30.

His grandmother, Elna Hlavaty, told a deputy that night that her grandson had beaten and choked her in the family's home in Indialantic. But at the trial, she testified she had fallen and hurt herself in the dark. Thursday, she called the sentence "a charade of justice."