DEAR ABBY: I am an older gentleman who loves to dance. When I go to dances, I am constantly pestered by older women who want to dance with me. I turn them down, politely, of course - because most of them are terrible dancers!

I go to public dance halls to show off my dance skills. When I dance with a woman, I make her look like a professional dancer, so women half my age are willing to date me. Therefore, I don't waste my time with older women.Last year I took a job teaching ballroom dancing at $25 an hour. I made excellent money - but I was dancing with older women and fat young women, which I hated. I quit because it was punishment to dance with poor dancers.

There are some older women who dance well, and I get plenty of requests to escort them to fancy functions. Some of these women are widows with fortunes and big homes. I would marry one of these older women on the condition that the house would have to require two maids, and I would be in charge of hiring and firing those maids.

Meanwhile, I am living comfortably and am faring well dating younger women. What more does a man need in life? - THE BIG DIPPER IN LAS VEGAS

DEAR B.D. IN L.V.: How about a little compassion and humility?

DEAR ABBY: For the third or fourth time this year, I have received a chain letter. I throw them in the trash basket, but I have known several people who get terribly upset about not answering them. Some of them have been people who could not really afford the stamps to do so but were afraid of the threats of terrible things that would happen to them.

I am tired of being told I will die immediately or lose my job if I don't send this on, none of which has happened because I believe only the Lord knows when my time is up. But other people go to pieces over this. I would turn them in to the post office if there was an address, but there isn't. What can we do about this stuff? I won't sign my name because I'd be sure to get a dozen more. - END OF THE CHAIN

DEAR END: Please do not discard a threatening chain letter. Chain letters are clearly in violation of the law. Send them to your postmaster with the envelope in which they were mailed. The postmark may provide a clue in locating the sender.

DEAR ABBY: Why do some people of the Jewish faith write "G-d" instead of "God"?

Have you ever seen or heard of it? Please educate me. I would feel foolish asking anyone else. - PUZZLED IN CANADA

DEAR PUZZLED: Orthodox Jews consider it disrespectful or sacrilegious to trash anything with the word "God" written on it. Therefore, instead of writing "God," they write "G-d" so the recipient need not worry about disposing of it. (Orthodox Jewish tradition holds that anything with "God" written on it must be respectfully buried.)

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