The leading man of "Shogun" was injured by a large piece of falling scenery Tuesday as he was about to sing "Death Walk" at a preview performance of the new Broadway musical.

Philip Casnoff was listed in stable condition at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York, said hospital spokeswoman Gina Gabriel.Tuesday's performance was canceled as actors, crew members and a doctor in the audience rushed to aid the injured actor.

Casnoff, 33, was about to sing a song called "Death Walk" in the second act when an electric spark flashed and a prop, a large overhead screen, came crashing down, said Sam Rudy, a spokesman for the show.

The screen struck Casnoff on the side of the head and then it tumbled into the orchestra pit. The actor, who was the only person injured, suffered minor injuries to the face and neck, said Capt. Edward Gabriel, an Emergency Medical Service spokesman.