A Cedar City couple, Kimball and Janet Weaver, have donated $1,000 to support Southern Utah's reinstated baseball program.

Although critical of the decision to drop the program, the couple quickly stepped forward to offer their support when baseball was brought back this year, said SUSC Athletic Director Jack Bishop, who expressed gratitude for the Weaver's support.Kimball Weaver noted that he has strong ties to SUSC athletics. Two of his sons and a son-in-law have participated in or are currently in SUSC athletics, and a third son plans to when he enters college.

"It seems a little ridiculous to go to SUSC games and not help out," he said. "What little bit we can give, we're glad to do. I wish we could give more."

SUSC officials expressed hope that the Weavers' example would garner more support for the baseball team and the college's athletics in general.

After a one-year absence due to a restructuring of the athletic programs, baseball has been brought back to SUSC on a non-scholarship basis this year. Tryouts for spring baseball were held this fall. Gordon Dotson will coach the team, which will play 32 games in a scaled-down season this spring with plans for an expanding participation.