Law enforcement officers in Sevier County have set their safety sights high, determined to keep the 1990-91 school year free of student accidents.

City police in all areas of the Sevier School district, the Utah Highway Patrol and the county sheriff's department are cooperating in the program. They promise that automobile drivers who are in violation will get "sure, swift and severe penalties." Officers are particularly looking for drivers who exceed speed limits in school zones and who pass buses anywhere when red flashing lights are displayed.Meanwhile, the district's transportation supervisor, Dick Cropper, said seven new buses with additional safety features have been bought during the past three years. "There's simply no margin for error when you're hauling such precious cargo as children," he said.

Among the features of the new buses are wider doors for better driver visibility and roof-hatch emergency exits. Push-out windows will be available on 1991 school bus models, Cropper said.

Buses haul about half of the district's students each day, traveling more than 52 routes, in addition to special activities and field trips. The 22 regular drivers, 24 substitute drivers and 10 teachers who are trained as drivers participate in annual programs to maintain their skills and review safety procedures, Cropper said.