The city's Redevelopment Agency has adopted the final plan for a redevelopment project area in north Orem.

But even though the plan has been in progress for a few years, some citizens are just beginning to take notice and ask how changes in the redevelopment area will affect them.Russ Evans, who owns two family businesses within the area, said he is concerned that he may lose some rights as a property owner.

"I'm starting to get scared," he said, as he asked about possible consequences of the adopted plan.

Orem Mayor S. Blaine Willes told Evans and others present that the Redevelopment Agency does have power to condemn and subsequently force landowners to sell land to the city.

"But this right has never been exercised," Willes said. The owners have always been left to deal with the situation as it best benefits them.

There is also a relocation policy attached to the redevelopment area that will help existing businesses find a new home, he said.

Evans told the council that relocation would not help him because of the nature of his business.

Other concerns were voiced that the owners of older, less-developed areas could be "bulldozed" and that the city needed to take account of those areas in which people wanted to retain their property for agricultural purposes.