The final tally on Granite School District's proposed 2-mill property tax levy, with absentee ballots counted Tuesday, was 33,958 (50.11 percent) for the levy and 33,813 (49.89) against.

The 145-vote margin assures implementation of the levy unless there is a call for a recount. Marilea Jones of the county clerk's office said no formal request had been made for a recount as of early Wednesday. Such a request would have to be made within a week of the final vote count.A recount would have to be requested by at least 10 individuals who voted in the Nov. 6 election.

Granite District School Board asked for the vote on the two mills to raise money for alleviating class-size problems. The board took money from other budget categories to hire additional teachers and aides this year, but must return that money to its original categories for next year.

Passage of the 2-mill levy would also entitle the district to approximately $1 million in state matching money for the class-reduction effort.