Rocky Mountain Helicopters Inc. has signed a contract to lease five BO-105 helicopters to Helivia Air Taxi Limited of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

The contract, amounting to nearly $5 million, coincides with Rocky Mountain's international expansion efforts. Three of the five aircraft have already been delivered; the other two will arrive in Brazil later this month.Jim Bianchi, managing director for Helivia, said the aircraft will be used for offshore support services and onshore oil exploration near the Amazon River.

"We chose Rocky Mountain Helicopters because they are an excellent organization. We are familiar with the work they do and are confident in their capabilities. Their support services are vital to this project."

Rocky Mountain Helicopters Inc. is one of the largest providers of helicopter support services in the United States. It provides air medical, mining, logging and remote installation support, and it is the industry leader in air medical transport services.