"Child's Play" was a pretty ridiculous slasher movie, the slasher being a child's doll about 2 feet in height. I remember the critics screening, where there was a lot of unintentional laughter.

Maybe that's why there was no critics screening of the sequel.Really, though, the sight of a little plastic doll getting the better of much-taller, presumably much-stronger grown-ups was just so silly.

For some reason, however, the film struck a chord with horror audiences and the movie was a big hit. Thus, "Child's Play 2" was inevitable.

For the uninitiated, the first film had a psycho killer (Brad Dourif) being killed by a policeman in a toy store - but before dying he grabbed a "Good Guy" doll and, using voodoo, had his spirit transferred to the toy.

As luck would have it, a single mother purchased the possessed doll and gave it to her son Andy (Alex Vincent) for his birthday. But once a psycho killer always a psycho killer, and the doll, named "Chucky," kept bumping off people and letting poor little Andy take the blame.

The bulk of the plot had Chucky trying to get Andy alone so he could take over his body, but in the end, after repeatedly being "killed" and coming back to life in true killer-that-wouldn't-die fashion, he was finally blown to pieces once and for all. Or, once and for sequel.

"Child's Play 2" brings back young Alex Vincent as Andy and Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky, but the rest of the original cast apparently had other things to do.

The sequel begins with Chucky being pieced back together by the toy company, and the minute the reconstruction is complete he starts killing again. What a one-track mind!

Meanwhile, Andy's mom is in a mental institution and Andy is placed in a foster home with a kindly married couple (Jenny Agutter and Gerrit Graham). Naturally, they aren't long for this world.

Ol' Chucky shows up, still trying to get inside Andy's body and attacking people much bigger than him. It's a good thing his victims are either very weak or very clumsy.

Eventually, there's a climactic blow-out in the toy factory where Chucky again does his killer-that-wouldn't-die thing. It's well directed, though it may bring to your mind the closing moments of "The Terminator."

But it all seemed so silly here.

If the sight of a 2-foot doll committing gory mayhem while he wrinkles his nose to look frightening sounds appealing, or if having an innocent-looking little doll cuss redundantly is your cup of tea, look no further.

All others should look anywhere else.

"Child's Play 2" is rated R for violence, gore and profanity.