A jury Wednesday convicted a woman in the arsenic-poisoning death of a former boyfriend. She is also accused of poisoning her first husband and trying to kill her present spouse.

Blanche Taylor Moore, 57, showed no visible reaction when the murder verdict was read. The sons of victim Raymond Reid, who died in 1986, hugged and one cried.A sentencing hearing for Moore was scheduled Thursday. Prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty.

Prosecutors said during the four-week trial that Moore was driven by a need for money and that she killed Reid to gain part of his estate.

The jury began deliberations Tuesday and the verdict was returned shortly after 10 a.m. today.

Moore also is charged with murder in the poisoning of her first husband, James Taylor, in 1973, and with assault for allegedly trying to kill her estranged husband, the Rev. Dwight Moore, after their honeymoon last year. No trial dates have been set on those charges.

Moore testified last week that she is innocent and she lovingly cared for the three men.

Defense attorneys tried to lay the blame for the deaths upon an acquaintance of Moore's.