Davis School District officials have completed plans to reduce the number of children per teacher.

Last spring, the school board juggled some of its existing mill levies to become eligible for $1.2 million of state education money earmarked specifically for reducing classroom size.The district used $909,500 to add 30 positions - a combination of teachers and teachers' assistants - to its elementary faculty.

As a result, classrooms districtwide were reduced an average of one-half a student, from 28.05 per class to 27.56.

In secondary schools, administrators spent $182,500 on an additional seven teachers' assistants, three-fourths of a teacher and 14.5 "productivity hours."

A productivity hour is an additional hour per day paid to a teacher to take on additional classwork.

The secondary approach dealt with "bulges and unique situations," said Assistant Superintendent Steve Ronnenkamp.

The district also spent $108,000 to help reduce congested special-education classes.