Juab County commissioners signed a new wildland firefighting contract with the U.S. Forest Service, allocating $14,815 for 1991.

The budget, which is 5 percent larger than last year's allocation, will cover increased costs.In June seven fires burned 1.3 acres and cost nearly $860. In July there were 27 fires that burned 23.6 acres at a cost of just over $6,400. In August, only five fires burned 945.1 acres at a cost of $31,900. The largest of the August fires was the Chapel Peak No. 2 fire that burned 750 acres of federal/state/BLM/private land at a cost of about $22,300.

In September 12 fires burned 589.4 acres at a cost of about $8,500. So in all, the fires in Juab County cost nearly $48,000 and burned 1,559.4 acres.

Federal and state governments and Bureau of Land Management pay the costs of fires on their lands. In addition, if the cost of fighting a county fire goes over a certain percentage, the state picks up the overage cost.

In all there were only 16 fires during the summer involving private land. The fire contract runs from June 31 through Oct. 30.