Changes in two city ordinances are on the action agenda for the Provo City Council meeting tonight.

The Provo Police Department has recommended a change in an ordinance granting exemptions to charitable, religious and other non-profit organizations, said Richard Dalebout, an attorney for Provo City.Dalebout presented the council with the recommended changes in the city ordinances at the City Council Study Meeting last week. The Council moved to place the item on the action agenda for Tuesday.

An amendment to the ordinance clarifies that a business must demonstrate its non-profit status to be tax exempt in Provo. Filing as a non-profit corporation does not necessarily mean the business is non-profit, Dalebout told the council.

New wording for the ordinance clarifies the definition of non-profit organizations with tax-exempt transactions as an organization "exempt from taxation because of its status as a charitable, religious or non-profit organization."

Provo's ordinance concerning obscenity is on the action agenda to make the ordinance more consistent with state obscenity statutes. The Council is expected to adopt the revised ordinance as recommended by the police department and the city prosecutor.

At the conclusion of city business, Mayor Joe Jenkins and City Council members will respond to questions from the public.

City Council meetings are Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 351 W. Center. The Provo City Issues Line, 379-6060, summarizes the council meetings from Wednesday to Thursday after the meeting. From Friday to Tuesday the recorded message announces the agenda for the coming council meeting.