Polly wants a fat-free, low-sodium cracker and Nabisco's new Premium crackers fit the bill. The 15-oz. box retails for $1.39 and is advertised as fat-free, no cholesterol and low-sodium.

Kay Hadley: "We liked these low-fat crackers! They are light, crisp and not too salty. Hooray for more low-fat products. We'll make these a regular purchase."Don Russell: "These crackers are a little heavier and drier than traditional soda crackers; however, the taste and texture are not that obvious unless you are purposely watching. Plus, you really don't notice any difference if you like to put crackers in your soup. This is a good product if you need to cut more at from your diet. Each cracker has about 10 calories."

Doris Wilding: "As long as my family didn't see the label they thought the crackers were wonderful. They are not into the no-fat, no cholesterol, low-sodium stuff. These crackers are wonderful. I'll never purchase the others again."

Judy Slack: "We have a split on these crackers. I really liked them and so did all those on diets in my office. But my kids thought they tasted dry and stale. But those who realize what diet foods can taste like thought they were wonderful."

Edyth Jensen: "These crackers are as good as the regular soda crackers. They are crisp as usual. The only difference I noticed is they have very little salt on them. In fact, we quite liked them."

Linda C. Tingey: "You can have these crackers! They were the toughest thing we've ever eaten. For what you save on fat, the toughness kills them. I won't buy these again."

Conclusion: Two of our testers noticed a flavor and texture difference. But those who are watching fat content thought these new crackers the best thing since sliced bread!

The Deseret News testing panel independently tests products purchased by the Deseret News. Readers with suggestions for products to be tested should contact the Today Section, Box 1257, Salt Lake City, UT, 84110.