Q. I want to submit a storyline to "All My Children." Where should I send the manuscript? - M.B., Cherry Hill, N.J.A. The soaps rarely accept amateur offerings. There's too many legal complications. But, you can try asking if "AMC" is interested in your idea and, if so, how should it be submitted to protect both you and the soap. For "AMC," write Felicia Minie Behr, executive producer, "All My Children," ABC-TV, 77 W. 66th St., New York, N.Y. 10023.

Q. I was watching the original "Gidget" the other night and wondered what's happened to Sandra Dee. Since Bobby Darin died nothing's been said about her. - K.A., W. Terre Haute, Ind.

A. Dee and Darin were divorced 6 years before he died in 1973. She had problems making the transition from teen-age nymphet to grownup roles but did an occasional movie and TV show through the 1970s. Dee, now 48, concentrated on raising Dodd, her son by Darin.

Q. Provide some background on the talented actor James Woods. - S.M., West Grove, Pa.

A. Woods, 43, was born in Vernal, Utah, and grew up in various places his military dad was stationed. He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology but quit to go on stage. He made it off Broadway in "Borstal Boy" and made his movie debut in 1971 in "Visitors" and TV debut the same year in " All the Way Home." "The Onion Field" in 1979 made him a movie star. He's divorced.

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