Age: 49

Born: Eureka, Juab County

Family: Wife, Kathleen; married children, Brian and Allison; 2 grandchildren

Education: BS Biology, University of Utah

Occupation: Department head, Murray City, 25 years; executive assistant to Murray mayor, 6 years

CITY STATS Size: 9.5 miles

Population: 31,000

Budget: $39.965 million

Number of Employees: 276

Mayor's salary: $47,800

PERSONAL Politics: Democrat

First "real" job: Hired at 16 in Murray Parks and Recreation Department.

Management style: Delegator. Hire excellent people, give good clear directions and the responsibility and authority to get the job done.

Why I like being mayor: Working with people and putting in my best effort. I hope that when my term of office is complete, I can look back and say, "I may have touched the lives of a few people and made a difference. I hope I have made my city a little better place to live and the quality of life for our children better today than it was yesterday."

Why I hate being mayor: Not being able to accomplish as much as I would like, or as fast as I would like to.

Recipe for success: Try to avoid failure, but don't be afraid to try. Success just might be the result of your very next effort.

A memorable failure: Ran for student body historian in high school and was defeated because of a poor campaign speech.

Heroes: John F. Kennedy

Leisure: Golf, fishing, hunting, basketball and football

Favorite book: "Profiles in Courage"

Favorite movie: "Patton" and "Look Who's Talking"