"Ghost" materialized as Hollywood's biggest moneymaker of the year, while the hallucinatory thriller "Jacob's Ladder" climbed to the top of the box office last week despite deadly reviews.

Paramount Pictures said "Ghost" is now the 12th highest-grossing North American release ever, behind "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.""Ghost" passed "Pretty Woman" for 1990's top spot on Friday and has made $180.6 million after 17 weeks in release. The sleeper hit was written by Bruce Joel Rubin, who also wrote "Jacob's Ladder," and directed by Jerry Zucker.

"It's a movie that makes people laugh, cry, think and scares them a little bit," Zucker said in explaining the appeal of "Ghost," which stars Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. "There's romance in it, too. Audiences respond with a gut reaction."

"Reviewers go to movies with their minds," he said. "Audiences go to movies with their hearts."

"Jacob's Ladder," the strange and poorly reviewed account of a soldier's dream, collected $7.5 million in its premiere weekend. The movie stars Tim Robbins.

Here are the top movie ticket sales as tallied by Exhibitor Relations:1. 1. "JACOB'S LADDER," $7.5 million (first week).

2. "Sibling Rivalry," $3.25 million ($8.4 million, two weeks).

3. "Ghost," $3.22 million ($180.6 million, 17 weeks).

4. "White Palace," $3 million ($9.1 million, four weeks).

5. "Marked for Death," $2.58 million ($37.5 million, five weeks).

6. "Stephen King's Graveyard Shift," $2.55 million ($9 million, two weeks).

7. "Memphis Belle," $2.48 million ($19 million, four weeks).

8. "Graffiti Bridge," $2.45 million (first week).

9. "Quigley Down Under," $2.3 million ($11 million, three weeks).

10. "Avalon," $1.7 million ($8.8 million, five weeks).