Garfield School District officials have decided it's futile to try and outlaw 10-gallon hats in the schools, but they have come up with some rules to make them easier for everybody to live with.

Under a new dress and grooming code adopted by the Board of Education, students won't be required to tip their hats, but they will have to take a back seat to other students. Students who wear such hats will be required to sit on the back row in class and at extracurricular activities.Wearing the Western hats is a years-old tradition in Garfield District - older than most students' memories.

Wearing cowboy hats and boots in school and around town in Garfield County was common decades ago when young men refused to remove the hats while getting their education in the old farmer high school building in Tropic where heat was supplied by a big, pot-bellied stove. Some say the practice dates back long before that.