Quotes of note from the just-completed U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials in Salt Lake City:

Colorful Coach Bela Karolyi, to his many critics, who say he does things for personal gain, even so far as staging apparently spontaneous emotional outbursts for TV cameras - "Please show me another who would do what I did in 1984 Olympics, having no official access (credentials), running like a chained animal around the arena trying to help them. I done it with pride," he said of his celebrated antics revolving around Mary Lou Retton."Please show me another who has done what I did in 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988. I'm not coach of the year. I'm not a person who does anything. There is nothing to mention I'm in this country," says Karolyi, who defected with wife Marta - who is U.S. Coach Don Peters' assistant Olympic coach - from Romania five years ago.

"After the Olympics, this old boy's retiring." - 27-year-old two-time Olympian Scott Johnson.

Salt Lake City's Missy Marlowe anticipates some shopping trips in Seoul. What will she bring back? "Everything I can possibly find. I need a money fund for this trip."

Men's Olympic trials champion Charles Lakes on his ceiling-scraping releases during his high bar routine - "I'm always surprised when people ask about it. I guess I go pretty high. I don't notice. If I did, I probably wouldn't do it."

Dan Hayden, the 1988 national all-around champion and leader going into the trials, tragically missed making the team when he fell off the high bar twice Friday night when all he needed was a 9.0 to qualify. He finished eighth, one spot out of the alternate's position. Twin Dennis finished 11th. "It's tough. It's hard to handle," said Dan. "I've been training for 17 years. I guess I didn't want to go without Dennis." Dan sat in the audience at Saturday's women's finals, wearing an arm sling for the shoulder he'd separated on parallel bars, the event before the high bar for him.

- Linda Hamilton