Davis County waste officials have awarded a $290,000 bid to Thiede Construction, West Valley City, to build an autoclave.

Construction on the autoclave - which sterilizes medical waste - will begin later this month and should take four months, said LeGrand Bitter, director of the Davis County Solid Waste Management and Energy Recovery District.The exact location of the plant is still undecided but will be near the Energy Recovery Facility, or burn plant. That plant burns garbage to produce steam, which is sold to the adjacent Hill Air Force Base.

Bitter said he anticipates that at least one ton of medical waste will be brought to the autoclave every day five days per week. In its first year of operation, the autoclave, which is capable of sterilizing up to three tons per day, should net $100,000, which the district will use toward paying off the burn plant's $54 million bond.

The autoclave sterilizes the medical waste, which is then burned in the plant. By law, all Davis County hospitals and doctors' offices must have their waste brought to the plant.