Age: 47.Where born: Centerville but raised in Hawaii from age 2.

Family: Wife A. Gail Smith and children Glenna, Stacie, Sharwan, Joseph, Rebecca and Jacob.

Education: Bachelor of arts, Brigham Young University.

Primary products: Time management seminars, Franklin Day Planner.

Primary markets: Seminars in the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada. Day Planners are shipped to 83 countries.

Number of employees: 600.

Annual sales: $80 million.


First "real" job: Ditch digger for a construction company in Hawaii.

Management style: Let people do their thing. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

Strategy for success: Exhibit high energy. Maintain a sense of urgency. Areas of action. Take reasonable risks.

A memorable failure: Invested in invention in California that wiped us out financially in 1977 and we lost everything to that point. Lesson learned: Only invest in things you control yourself.

Heroes: Marion D. Hanks, George Washington and my mother Ruth Smith.

Leisure time and hobbies: Time with family (I travel a lot). Listening to good music.

Favorite book and movie: Shogun and Sound of Music.