A shooting review board will investigate why a West Valley police officer's Austrian-made 9mm handgun accidently discharged during a DUI arrest early Thursday morning.

No one was hurt, and no property was damaged when Alan Call's weapon discharged while he was drawing it from its holster.Sgt. Lynn Hansen said Call and another officer had stopped a vehicle near 3450 S. 3000 West at about 12:15 a.m. Thursday. The officers drew their weapons after the suspect became combative and called to his friend inside the car for help. "Call's weapon discharged into the air," Hansen said. "The people changed their mind and got back in the car after that."

The driver was then arrested without further incident. Officers searching the scene later discovered the casing for the round that fired was still inside the weapon.

Hansen said the semi-automatic weapon is like revolvers in that it has no trigger safety.