They towed your car with time left on the meter, your beagle in the back seat and the trunk full of fresh fish.

It was a horrible experience, but it could win you $100.Glen Bolofsky, publisher of the 1991 New York City Alternate Side of the Street Parking Calendar, announced Thursday that the person who sends him the worst parking nightmare story - either real or imagined - will win $100.

Thirty-nine runners-up will get free copies of next year's calendar.

The contest commemorates the 40th anniversary of alternate-side-of-the-street parking rules in the city, said Bolofsky, adding that he started putting out the calendar in 1983 noting holidays so New Yorkers would know when they did not have to move their cars.

Bolofsky's calendar lists close to 30 religious and other holidays on which motorists don't have to move their cars.

Last year's calendar sold 250,000 copies, and Bolofsy said he expected the 1991 version, which retails for $6.95, to sell just as briskly.