Women leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church are urging fellow members to stop tithing to the church until it agrees to ordain women to the ministry.

The board of the Adventist Women Institute also offered at a meeting in Redlands, Calif., to accept such tithes in a special escrow account until the church approves ordination of women.The Denver Post quoted Fay Blix, former institute chairwoman, as saying, "We've threatened this for a long time, and we are finally realizing that the bottom line is green."

Most Adventists tithe, which means giving 10 percent of earnings to the church.

The church's general conference last summer voted to continue its ban against women ministers, despite the discontent among many women leaders in the church.

"We just want to be treated as equals," said Vicki Danielson, a Denver Adventist.

Many women members were said to have started attending other churches and others have quit tithing.