Four fires that began within a 35-minute period caused $7,000 in damage early Friday, said Murray Fire Capt. Brent Fullmer.

The blazes began between 11:30 p.m. Thursday and 12:05 a.m. Friday at 5805 S. State Street, 150 E. 5770 South, 5769 S. State Street and 5597 S. Hillside Drive.Firefighters were busy trying to repair their radio system, which went down for approximately three minutes and interrupted their dispatching, when the Hillside Drive fire was reported.

"We actually found out about the garage (Hillside) fire from police officers," said Fullmer.

Since the three other fires, which broke out in trash bins, were suspicious, Fullmer dispatched police officers to the area. They spotted the garage fire and contacted Murray fire officials, Fullmer said.

"It was quite unusual to arrive at the scene and find three different fires burning at the same time," he said.

Donald R. Patton, owner of the garage at the Hillside address, said, "There is a suspicion of arson."

Two cars, one inside and one outside the garage, were destroyed. The house, adjacent to the garage, was not damaged.

The fire also caused a propane tank, located inside the garage, to explode, Fullmer said.

"I was sitting at the table doing some work when my wife saw the flames and said the garage was on fire," Patton said.

The causes of the fires are under investigation.