Mountain Fuel Supply Co. is urging customers to be cautions if contacted by individuals claiming to be company representatives or furnace contractors.

Customers should ask to see identification from anyone claiming to be a furnace contractor or Mountain Fuel representative. Mountain Fuel employees carry company identification and are not allowed to ask for money at the door."Customers who are contacted by individuals claiming to represent Mountain Fuel should not hesitate to call the company for verification," said Louise Jacobsen, company spokesperson.

"Every year we receive reports of people being taken advantage of by unethical individuals who either fail to perform promised services or who do a slipshod job that leaves appliances in an unsafe condition," she said.

Jacobsen said the company recently received reports of a person claiming to represent the company who telephoned customers and told them to leave their homes because of a natural gas leak in the area. Jacobsen said said such contacts are not made by telephone. If a problem exists, employees make on-site contact with affected customers.