A State of Utah, Division of Economic Development business card with a Brussels address is pretty startling. The name on the card is J. Carl Walker, Director for Europe.

Walker was in Utah County Thursday, meeting with local government and business leaders, including Richard M. Bradford, executive director of the Utah Valley Economic Development Association.Walker has been in Utah the past two weeks, meeting people and assessing the opportunities for business associations between Utah and Europe.

Cherry raisins were mentioned in the meeting with Walker, Bradford, Commissioner Malcolm Beck and Utah's Deputy Director of International Business Development, Gregory Gullett. Walker was interested in the dried cherries and hoped to sample some before leaving Utah. He said unusual food items can be very good for export, although Europe has tight controls over agricultural products.

Joint ventures, exports and licensing of technology are what Walker will focus on in his efforts to promote Utah in Europe. He said the Brussels office has a tourism specialist to promote Utah to European tourists.

Exports not requiring a favorable exchange rate are what companies wanting to do business in Europe need. In February, Walker will represent several Utah companies at a fair in Spain.

The technology in Utah is world class, said Walker. He is interested in licensing that technology in Europe for the benefit of Utah and Europe.

Walker is not an employee of the State of Utah, but a consultant.