While the front side of the Dillon, with its wrap-around porch, dormers and hip roof, has the nostalgic appeal of an old-fashioned country-style home, the rounded wall of windows on the back side of the home tells a much more contemporary story.

Guest designer Floyd Dinger of Eugene manages to include all the modern amenities in a medium-size 1 1/2 story home that's well-suited to the expanded space needs of families with older children.With the master suite, on the main floor and at the opposite end of the house from the other bedrooms, its occupants needn't be disturbed by loud music in the other bedrooms. It has a huge walk-in closet and two vanities, one in the master bath and the other out in the sleeping area. Families with grown children can live entirely on the ground floor, ignoring the upper rooms until grandchildren or other guests are due.

The rounded family room is but one of the creative shapes and angles in the Dillon. Most rooms are partially rectangular, necessary for the aesthetic placement of furniture, but also contain at least one or two odd angles. And some rooms, such as the half-bath, nestled in behind the stairway, the hallway that wraps around it, and the pantry, are totally unique in shape.

High vaulted ceilings in the living room, parlor, entryway and master suite make these rooms appear even larger than they actually are.

While the utility room is close to the kitchen, handy for dealing with laundry during meal preparation and cleanup, a laundry chute, located in the upper storage and linen closet also provides easy access from the bedrooms. A wide mirror over double vanities in the second floor bathroom relieves some of the congestion among mirror-loving teens.

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