It may be "junk mail" to some people, but more than one American in four would like to receive more advertising mail, according to a survey done by the Postal Service.

Thirty-one percent of the people surveyed said they found the information in mailed advertising useful, and 27 percent said they would like to receive more, reports John R. Wargo, assistant postmaster general for marketing.In contrast, 15 percent said they wish they received less advertising in the mail.

Third-class has been the fastest-growing category of mail in recent years, raising the U.S. Postal Service to the status of the nation's third largest advertising medium, trailing only newspapers and television, said Wargo.

"The reason that we're in business is because of the receivers, and we need to find out what they want and we need to tell the senders," Wargo said of the survey covering 5,300 homes across the nation.

The study, done last year, was disclosed to business mailers at a meeting in Los Angeles and later discussed by Wargo in an interview.

He said the study found that the Postal Service handles 17 percent of advertising, compared to 27 percent for newspapers and 22 percent for television.