Husani and his little sister, Lateefah H. are active youngsters who are making progress in school and with their social skills, thanks to the support of therapy and special education classes.

The children respond well to attention and praise. And they are thoroughly attached to each other.Husani, 10, likes to read, go to the Boys Club, ride his bike and play games. He is quite a singer. As a third-grader, he was mainstreamed into some classes. His most difficult subjects are math, reading and written language, but his teachers say he works hard and is a whiz on the computer. With peers, he can be stubborn and occasionally gets into fights. He is used to quite a bit of freedom and doesn't always see the need to tell others what he is doing. But he is a good-natured young man who is interested in what goes on around him.

Lateefah, 9, loves reading and coloring and paper dolls. She is a sensitive girl who likes to go first and to win at games. She helps with chores at home and tries hard to do well in school. She was also in the third grade, though mostly working at a second-grade level. Her weakest areas are written and verbal language.

Lateefah makes her likes and dislikes known and can be stubborn and hard to please. But she can also be a real delight when she feels safe and secure.

A couple or single mother of black or mixed race is needed. A family who has adopted black children would also be considered. Husani and Lateefah will probably take some time to trust and attach to a new family, and their primary attachments probably will be to each other for quite a while. An adoption subsidy is available.